Arnica for Pain Relief

by Kobie Babb

  Arnica is grown in Europe and the U.S. It is often used as a skin treatment for bruises, aches, and pains. According to sources at Organic Authority, arnica oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it is a common ingredient in massage oil or for achy joints. The benefits of Arnica is not limited to pain relief but also a great dry shampoo if mixed with the right oils. 

 How to use Arnica

  • Salve - Arnica can be used as a healing balm. This recipe by Wellness Mama is a great way of creating a soothing balm.
  • Bath Soak - Bath soaks are an easy way to get the effect of a bath bomb without having to spend the time it takes to let them set. 
    1. Use your arnica flowers with your favorite dried flowers. 
    2. Place Arnica and your favorite dried flowers in a large empty tea bag and sprinkle on a modest amount of essential oils.
    3. Seal the tea bag up with a rubber band or bread tie and dunk in the bath before you get in.  
    4. Relax and rinse thoroughly when through.
  • You can even use the dried flowers is to make a potent hair oil to promote healthy growth. According to sources at Stylecraze, arnica can be used to stimulate hair growth. You can do this by using an old teacup or bowl and adding hot water to the flowers and letting it cool before using it with your favorite hair oil. Another alternative is using or adding the diluted arnica oil to massage into a damp scalp.