About Us

Herbs Are The Healing Of A Nation. It's All About Us!

In life, we will hear things that you won’t understand until it’s time to understand it. Throughout my life I have constantly heard that the herbs are the healing for a nation. I have always assumed that it was just one herb in particular. It took years for me to realize the truth of this saying. Herbs are the proverbial fountain of youth. It will not be an instant fix, but has there ever been an instant fix that stands the test of time? Nature provides a solution for every problems.

Alkaline Electrics was born out of the realization that we need to provide organic and wild harvested herbs to help the nation heal. In my journey, I have realized that there are things that occur in life that forces you to learn, and I had to learn quickly. My body was rebelling against me. I was over working and neglecting my health. In today’s society, this is a common occurrence. How many times do we push past our limits to meet that deadline, finish that assignment, finish that last chore? I noticed it, and decided to take control of my health. Nature gives to us in the same way we give to it. That’s the beauty of it’s design. 

Alkaline Electrics is here to provide the best of what you’re looking for to help take back control. Not only the best, but also the herbs that are difficult to find locally that really shouldn't be difficult to find. You deserve the best, and that's what we aim to provide.

Take Back Your Life! 

Let’s Live Electric!